wedding party.

Matron of Honor: Jennifer Visser

I am so blessed to have Jenn be apart of my life. She has a heart for the Lord, interior design, creativity, and relationships. I can’t get enough of her laugh and genuine heart. Sweet Pea, I love you!

Bridesmaid: Allison Damon

My sister is the most adventurous woman I know! She is full of love and laughter. I am so proud to call her my sister. We share so many great memories together. I will always cherish our sisterhood. Isn’t she a beauty?

Bridesmaid: Crystal Visser

Crystal has one of the sweetest most gentle hearts I know. She loves conversation, her hubby, and crafting! Crystal really knows how to listen and I can always trust  her for advice. I am thrilled to have C be apart of our special day!

Bridesmaid: Sophie Hartman

Sophie has the capacity to love like no other friend. Her heart is gold and vibrant for the Lord. She encourages me seek the Lord despite any circumstance.  She loves being a new mom to a 3 year old, sipping arnold palmers (when she can!), and chocolate ! We will be soul sisters forever.

Bridesmaid: Erin Meinema

Erin is my new sis! She has a spunky, fun personality that’s full of life! She survived growing up with 3 older brothers (oh my!) and now enjoys doodling, playing new instruments, and making headbands (with me! ). Can’t wait to be sisters lil E!

Bridesmaid: Lindsey Muller

Linds is a blonde beauty. She enjoys being a wife, remodeling a new home, and caring for others! I am so happy she gets to stand close to me on my special day. I can depend on L not only as a friend, but as a sister.

Best Man: Josh Pressley 

Groomsmen: Brandon Damon

Groomsmen: Aaron Visser

Groomsmen: Kyle Dixon

Groomsmen: Jonathon Meinema

Groomsmen: Karl Meinema

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