our story.

It was a chilly winter night on December 27th, 2008. The night Marissa made the big move from home to college at Western Michigan University. She walked into her new apartment only to find, what she obviously didn’t know at the time, her best friend and fiance. Her roommate, in whom she had met earlier that month and her friend, which was Dave, were both very welcoming. Together we all road tripped down to Indy Christmas Conference with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and spent our New Year’s together.

Dave and Marissa spent the next year building there friendship, laughing, going on crazy adventures, and slowly falling in love. In June 2010, Marissa lived in VA Beach, Virginia for 10 weeks. Before leaving, Dave shared with Marissa his feelings for her were more than just friends. It wasn’t until a road trip down to VA Beach, and 10 weeks later that Marissa and Dave became a couple.

Almost 2 years later, Marissa and Dave continue to share endless laughter, there love for the Lord, running half marathons ;), and now planning a lifetime together.

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