happy october!

Seasons are changing! Next up, winter!

74 days until we get married AND invites were sent out TODAY!


I am happy.


Happy October baby!





Well, we did it!

It was quite the adventure scanning ridiculous amounts of stuff and envisioning what our future home will look like together. 

everyday becomes a little more real. 

we are getting married in 103 days!




100 degrees.

Hello All!!

Tuesday we had our lovely engagement session with the best photographers ever. Although it was 100 degrees by 11am we were able to capture some sweet photos! We had a lot fun strolling around downtown Kalamazoo and checking out the hot spots! (literally.) Check out our photographers link below and stay tune for a picture preview! We can’t wait to see the finish product!

 AO Photographers



5 months.

The date is becoming closer, but still far away!

wanna know what’s on our “To Do” list for the next few weeks?

  • engagement photo’s
  • picking out our groomsmen suits

wedding planning seems pretty simple, eh? think again. don’t be fooled we are super excited.



save the date

Here it is, folks!

My brother, Brandon did a fantastic job shooting and editing this short clip of us. It is fun having him be involved with the wedding planning process and the creativity that goes into it. We appreciate your willingness to serve us B! You are a blessing to us. We believe in you and love what you do. Keep pushing forward.

Happy viewing!


d & m

welcome friends!

Hello friends, family and random bloggers,

let this website be a helpful tool for you to use to hear about our wedding planning and other details! also, a way to get to know our love story, bridal party, and other fun decisions through words and pictures. we are so happy you are here, we welcome you to be apart of the journey!


m & d